Pay Attention: The NSA Story

Just as with the lockdown of Boston in search of the Marathon Bombers, the revelations of the NSA’s surveillance activities and the consequent actions of Edward Snowden and the US government are absolutely essential in terms of defining the future relationship of privacy, security and freedom of speech, press and the private citizen. This will quickly […]

The Walled Garden Paradigm

Cell phones have changed the world. From the wealthy to the poor, from the developed world to the developing world, the growing ubiquity of mobile phones has opened doors that, previously, had not even been present to be opened. Put simply, cell phones accomplish everything by connecting people all over the world—the very same purpose […]

The Open Web, A Cliff Notes History

There’s a thing out there as ephemeral and futile as explaining to your parents your relationship with your on-again off-again boyfriend who’s really not your boyfriend over Thanksgiving Dinner and eight glasses of wine, and that thing is the Open Web.   Congratulations! You made it through the signature unwieldy metaphor of a hook! And […]

When Popular Science Goes Rogue

In a recent article, the New York Times heralded with much fanfare a “potential breakthrough in Alzheimer’s research”. The scientific community, the relentless white coats that slog through repetitive minutiae in the pursuit of biological understanding, enjoy positive press as much as the next collective. However, too much of a good thing can be disastrous–especially […]

The Trickle-Downs of Campaign Spending

The numbers have been crunched, pundits have weighed in and there now seems to be no doubt that 2012 election spending will reach $6 billion. And although I don’t think such spending qualifies as a worthwhile investment, some of our friends, readers, and haters claim that the $6 billion spent has to amount to some […]

It’s The Economy, Mr. Candidate

Editor’s Note: We received this thoughtful response to Lamp’s inaugural post on campaign spending. In the interest of doing that thing we do (aka, we love well-crafted and researched debate), here’s the email in full. Keep ’em comin’, kids! Dear Lady Lamp, I really like the way you presented your point of view on the excess of […]

The Timeline



Happy (almost) Election Day, everyone! As the Logic-Troll-In-Residence[i], I couldn’t make it through the election cycle without discussing the logical fallacies that abound from both sides of the aisle. Here are a few which really struck me:   Straw Man Fallacy What it is: the misrepresentation of an opponent’s opinion. Person X distorts Person Y’s view then […]