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“I’m so enriched by my and my friends’ political Facebook statuses and tweets!” said no one ever.So then we made a blog so we could continue said opinions past 140 characters.

Commentary, straight up op-eds, partisanship, unbiased reporting, pop culture and book recommendations. Read the headers, nOOb [headers to come].

We have little expertise in most things but we’re well versed in everything that makes the world go ’round. Try us.


New Jersey raised, New Jersey opinions. W&M graduate and adamant about cheap beer. Fully believes that there are too many inflammatory political plants masquerading as reporters hell bent on confusing the public. Doesn’t believe in lipid rafts. Well, he has his doubts, at least. Classier than most things. Follow him on Twitter @thecliffsodover.


Left the womb screaming and hasn’t stopped since, except for the occasional silence following a really awkward moment. Enjoys reppin’ the South (whaddup rural VA)–but don’t tell her dad she supports a minimum wage standard. Loves all things legume and Nietzsche. She thinks there’s a special spot in hell for utilitarians, hours before 10am, and slow walkers. Check her out on Twitter @ebkeppel.


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  1. oh my darwin i am so happy i discovered this

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