Happy (almost) Election Day, everyone! As the Logic-Troll-In-Residence[i], I couldn’t make it through the election cycle without discussing the logical fallacies that abound from both sides of the aisle. Here are a few which really struck me:   Straw Man Fallacy What it is: the misrepresentation of an opponent’s opinion. Person X distorts Person Y’s view then […]

Sometimes ignorance is the solution

After the verbal bitch slapping many of us witnessed last night, now seems like an (in)opportune time to discuss ethics in political society. In thinking about what is just, what is right, and all of the other abstract, hard questions, it’s very hard to find a mindset which allows us to consider things objectively. When […]

Top 5 Neglected Issues in the Presidential Election

Economic issues, women’s issues, and healthcare have been at the forefront of the debate in this election cycle. There are, however, several issues which are conspicuous in their absence. Sometimes a lack of attention can be more telling than an open dialogue… R&D The US Budget for FY13 designates $142 billion dollars for research and development. The NIH […]

Bipartisan Bashing: A Look at the 2012 Platforms

I’ll admit it: it took me an embarrassingly long time to thoroughly read the candidates’ platforms. Reruns of The Office seemed more pressing than civic engagement after a long day. Both platforms contained the expected myriad of inconsistencies, but two stood out to me as being particularly ludicrous.  Obama’s Energy and Environmental Policies In the […]

Not-So-Surprising Truths About Parents

For one reason or another, I’ve been reflecting on my parents a lot lately. As a newly-minted graduate, my penetration of the proverbial real world went pretty well. 99.8% of the credit for the smooth transition goes to my mother and father (with credit for the other .2% going to $1 coronas on Thursdays). I […]

No One Wins with a Cheap Shot

We’ve all been there. We’re writing a paper for some humanities class and we’re asked to critique the author. In an effort to finish the paper before 3am, we’re scrambling to find the easiest possible way to attack him. Maybe he used a bogus source, didn’t adequately define a term, or something of the like. […]

DIY Project: Reform the Electoral College

Apparent problems with the Electoral College system in the United States are only outnumbered by strategies to reform it. Reform strategies include proportional allocation of delegates by state, direct election with instant runoff voting, allocating delegates by congressional district, and a national bonus plan (in which a large additional number of delegates are awarded to […]