Election 2012

The Trickle-Downs of Campaign Spending

The Trickle-Downs of Campaign Spending

The numbers have been crunched, pundits have weighed in and there now seems to be no doubt that 2012 election spending will reach $6 billion. And although I don’t think such spending qualifies as a worthwhile investment, some of our friends, readers, and haters claim that the $6 billion spent has to amount to some […]

It’s The Economy, Mr. Candidate

Editor’s Note: We¬†received¬†this thoughtful response to Lamp’s inaugural post on campaign spending. In the interest of doing that thing we do (aka, we love well-crafted and researched debate), here’s the email in full. Keep ’em comin’, kids! Dear Lady Lamp, I really like the way you presented your point of view on the excess of […]

The Excess of Election 2012

Welcome to our new contributor, the mysterious Lamp, and her inaugural post about campaign finance! With just two weeks and one debate left until the 2012 Presidential election, I am busy taking stock of the issues, fact-checking advertisements, and trying to decide which candidate I will vote for in November. I am already upset by […]