Why It Can Fail [Obamacare, Pt. 4]

The Accidental Experiments In science, anecdotal evidence is anathema to controlled experiments. Anything that you learn from “something your aunt went through” should be bolstered by double-blind clinical trials before institutionalizing it. Though this doesn’t always happen in medicine—people are dying and there is often not enough time to work through FDA approval or peer […]

The Medicare Black Hole [Obamacare, Pt. 3]

Eight Pills A Day… Everyone’s seen those day of the week pillboxes. One of your relatives may have one (or perhaps, a good friend of yours who is the same age and in good health—bewildering, what all the pills could possibly be. Vitamins? Vitamins for ETERNITY). Medication, in the 21stcentury, as a part of our […]

Keynes Would Probably Approve: Funding It [ObamaCare: Part 2]

Sanus Fiscorum Not to get overtly effusive, but our healthcare system is broken. It isn’t free. It’s confusing. It’s a bureaucratic maze. Factor in any myriad statistics about inflated cost, effectiveness of treatment versus capacity to be effective, or the lack of end-of-life coverage (to name a decided few) and you realize that there’s a […]

What Do You Mean, Health Reform? [Obamacare, Part 1]

An Unbearable Media Feeding Frenzy Deep sea submarine cruise or interstellar voyage are probably the only two legitimate excuses for not knowing what happened in last Thursday’s Supreme Court ruling on the Affordable Care Act. It was all over the interwebs, to the point of becoming viral–used in the tech sense, but retaining the pathological […]