Sometimes ignorance is the solution

After the verbal bitch slapping many of us witnessed last night, now seems like an (in)opportune time to discuss ethics in political society. In thinking about what is just, what is right, and all of the other abstract, hard questions, it’s very hard to find a mindset which allows us to consider things objectively. When […]

On “Moving On”

On “Moving On”

Above my bed hangs a tapestry, silk-screened from the repository of platitudes that sit waiting in any self-respecting Asian fusion warehouse. Sold in the China Pavillion at Epcot’s World Showcase, I passed on buying the highly Americanized “ancient Buddhist” relic during my senior trip, only to regret it when we returned to life in high […]

No Thanks for the Memories: Why I Didn’t Cry at Auschwitz

(One of the) Editor’s Note: Credit for this one goes to Elizabeth. She posted this before we had fully figured out the by-lines. I’m not sure what struck me as so absurd during my visit to Auschwitz on a cold March day in 2010. It could have been the high school students taking Myspace photos […]